The Brewery

“Britos” brewery was established in 2012 in Veliko Tarnovo. It occupies an area of 13 acres and its equipment is one of the most modern and high-tech installations on the Balkan Peninsula. Its annual production capacity is 20 million liters and the process is entirely automatized with high efficiency technology. The factory works with machines of GEA – Huppmann, Germany. The soothing vessels and fermenters are from Holvrieka, Belgium, the filtering system is Filtrox, Switzerland and the bottling system is Krones, Germany and has ISO 22000:2005, HACCP certificate.

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Unique recipe

``Britos`` has unique recipe, developed by the specialists of the brewery in cooperation with the Institute for Fermentation and Biotechnology, Berlin.

Spring water

Spring water and selected high quality products.


Mashing through own unique recipe in a remarkable mashing vessel.

Draining and boiling

Draining and boiling in automatized system with selected sorts of high quality hop.

Separating the hot sludge

Separating the hot sludge, cooling and souring with brewing yeasts, individually selected and maintained for ``Britos`` brewery.

Fermentation and aging

Fermentation and aging in fermentors in cylindrical-conical apparatus with specially improved characteristics


Filtration through automatized, innovative filtering system.

Calming of the beer

Calming of the beer, pasteurization and bottling in keg, can or PET bottles.

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